Established in 2010 under signatures of Sara Tosi and Roberta Ferocino, by their common passion for art and theatre.

First to bring in Apulia this unknown profession that made and still makes, this beautiful region, discovery and wonder for many Italians and foreigners.

After a long journey of twelve years of theatre studies, including directing, set design and organization of the event, Sara and Roberta have become established over time Wedding Planners & Designers in Italy.

From 2013 infact Novia Weddings, deals exclusively with Luxury Events, reserved for couples who want to make unforgettable their dream wedding in Italy.

In April 2016 Novia planned the prestigious Floral Experience by Karen Tran, at the unique and luxurious Borgo Egnazia (Apulia, Italy) with the support, help and friendship of colleague Elisa Mocci.

Inevitable constant of each project is the exclusivity, uniqueness and passion devoted to every single refinements; the handcrafted details are personally tailored for bride and groom and followed with care by Sara and Roberta.

And finally, nothing could be done without a great team where complicity, passion, humility, and professionalism are the cards for the seamless management and event planning.

Sara Tosi


Sara Tosi is a young and creative Wedding Designer with a passion for theatre, sea, good wine, fantasy films and the roaring twenties.

She knows in 2003 her friend and partner Roberta Ferocino, on theatre course; although with twenty years apart, from that moment they are inseparable.

After graduation in Letter and Philosophy and 12 years of theatre studies as scenography, director and drama, Sara brings her organizational experience within Novia Weddings, in Luxury Events from 2010.

With vintage in blood and a strong personality, every event and every single detail is made for discerning clients around the world.

Born in Modena, she began her career in Puglia with Roberta, when that beautiful region was largely unknown overseas.

Specializes in Destination Weddings, through love for raw materials and small genuine things that only a country like Italy can give you.

In April 2016 organizes the important and prestigious event "The Floral Experience" by Karen Tran, in the beautiful and exclusive setting of Borgo Egnazia.

Roberta Ferocino


Roberta Ferocino is a creative, expert and skilled Italian Wedding Planner, born in Germany with Apulian origins. She always returns where her heart beats faster: near the sea.

In love with the beautiful Italy, passionate about theatre, astrology, with a great love of cats, and a with sparkling personality, Roberta deals firsthand the technical and manual part in the realization of the event.

Brings 20 years of management and organization for corporate events, planning every blend, for every client.

Friend from 13 years with Sara, strongly believes in unions, support and complicity to realize every project.

Determined to make known her beautiful region overseas, specializes in destination weddings, making a dream the wedding for many couples.

In April 2016 organizes the important and prestigious event "The Floral Experience" by Karen Tran, in the beautiful and exclusive setting of Borgo Egnazia.


“Be humble, ’cause you’re made of earth.
Be noble, ’cause you’re made of stars.”

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